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Why do these women insist on referring to themselves in such unrealistic terms? How do they think up these names for themselves? Do they really think that men will find this self loving trait attractive? I can’t believe just how incredibly wide of the mark some of them are. I can’t help but feel they are in some way trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. I can only hope it’s working for them. It’s of no use to me. I would certainly never refer to myself in this way which, ironically, is probably what they want… signed “Strong-Man”.

What am I even doing on an internet dating site? I would NEVER meet up with someone I’ve only been in contact with via the internet. There’s too much chemistry that’s missing from that initial period of attraction. Don’t these people realise that the human brain has spent the last several million years evolving to identify appropriate mates by sight and other physical cues that are not possible to sensate in any form of telepresence?

Here are a few of My Favourite ThingsTM from the ads girls place on internet dating sites:

But, before I descend into a mire of my own cynicism I should point out that they’re not all like that. The bulk of them are fairly ordinary and fall into that fat area under the bell curve where most of us reside but every now and again you come across a good one. Witty Girl.


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