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So… men and women, huh? Who’s stupid idea was that? I don’t believe in God so I guess that’s just the way things have turned out. By coincidence. Cripes! To quote one of my favourite movie characters, “Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.”

Are those of us (I mean you) that can still be bothered making the effort that the whole man/woman thing requires doing it for some reason I’m unaware of or are you just driven by the biological imperative? I don’t mean to discount love. Or attraction. Quite possibly as they are both facets of the same thing. It’s just that “love” is just such a temporary experience. For both the giver and the receiver. It hardly seems worth all the trouble just for that. Especially as there is so much argument over what “that” actually is.

Perhaps the begining of it is that nervousness I experience around people I’m attracted to. An amplification of that same feeling is identical to what I go through upon the imminent arrival of the person with whom I’m in an intimate relationship. Amplified nervousness? Is that it? If so you can keep it. Along with the whole man/woman thing. Especially with the whole man/woman thing.

Well, regardless, good luck to all of you who chose (or have it chosen for you) that path. Only 1/3rd of your marriages will fail.

At least I’m not bitter.


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