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Yahoo mail? Not quite

It seems Yahoo are in the process of revamping their online e-mail application. The only thing is, it’s not ready yet. And they appeared to have screwed up the old version as well.

Today when I logged on to my Yahoo! mail I was offered the choice of trying the Yahoo mail beta. Foolishly I accepted. I was then greeted with a screen that had “Logging in to Yahoo! mail” and, scrolling down the page a screen or two, a few empty boxes/borders. Who knows? It was a mess. I quickly clicked the “Opt out of Yahoo mail beta” link only to be taken to the normal Yahoo mail sans styling. And with a javascript error. This last failing rendering most functions on the site broken. Form submission relies heavily on js so adding another POP mail account (which is what I was on Yahoo mail for in the first place) is impossible.My busted Yahoo! mail interface  /cry

A clearing of cached files failed to provide any relief. IE6, FF1.5 or NS7.2, all broken.

What did it eventually turn out to be? My employer’s corporate firewall. Well done us! I know most of our ~10K on-site clients use web based mail, I wonder how many of them use Yahoo! mail. Oh well.


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