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My iPod is psychic

As a fairly hardcore nerd I sometimes have a tendency to anthropomorphise technology and, well.. completely in line with this thinking (I guess), I am slowly becoming convinced that my iPod is psychic.

Now, I know it’s already filled with over 1000 songs I like so most times when I listen to it it plays on of my favourite songs but this device particular seems to have a bizarre affinity for picking the exact song that I am thinking about. 1 in 1000. Pretty stiff odds.

I’m not kidding. On several occasions now, when selecting ‘Shuffle Songs’ it has begun with the exact song I was thinking of and/or wanting to hear. Strange but true.

I think I need a good lie-down now.


My ipod seems to be able to read my thoughts and feelings too. It seems like it knows when I’m working out and what songs to help motivate me. It always plays just the right song for any given moment on shuffle, and I’ve experienced that too where I can think of a certain artist or song and amazingly enough it will play it. Kinda creeps me out and makes me wonder if I’m crazy at the same time.

No joke! My iPod Nano was just the same. And now my iPod Touch seems to be in sync with my exact thoughts! Freeeeeeaky. :s Twilight Zone, man.

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