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Are we not men? We are Devo!

Last night I saw Devo live at Metro City. They were awesome! Thanks guys for coming all the way out here to see us.

I’ve been a Devo fan for nearly 30 years and had never seen them live so it was pretty surreal seeing them after all this time.

My crappy digital camera was only able to record one bit of the show decently. Here the guys are in the middle of “Uncontrollable Urge”.

Shortly before this Mark had thrown 4-5 ‘energy domes’ out into the audience. After a couple more numbers the band tore off their yellow radiation suits and threw these into the crowd too. I wasn’t lucky enough to score any of either but I saw a couple of those that got an ‘energy dome’ outside after the show and they were obviously stoked with their prizes.

Smiley face super-balls
I did, however, score a couple of ‘smiley face’ super-balls. Booji Boy threw dozens of these out into the crowd during the final number, “Beautiful World”.



awww you didn’t get a flower pot…booohoo…

Don’t push me woman!


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