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+dmg ftw

Spent the night in LBRS and got to bed waaaay too late. Was a prety good run and scored myself the [item]Hands of Power[/item] and the [item]Trindlehaven Staff[/item].

Also finished Warlord’s Command. Ony here we come.

Time Travel

Like it or not we are all travelling through time. Professor Stephen Hawking may have somewhat more to say on this subject but this is my view. (more…)

Palm’ed off

So. I turns out that the more stuff you have, the more complicated your life becomes. I wish someone had had the decency to tell me this before I became a computer nerd. Before my obsession for gadgetry had become an obsessive compulsion. (more…)


Well, they say you can’t escape your past and I would have to agree. Recent events have shown me that even if I have managed to overcome and move on from the events in my past, they may not have necessarily done the same. (more…)