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Dear postie…

Thankyou for waiting for the one day when you know it’s going to rain to leave my mail sticking out of my letterbox. (more…)

5 things I won’t miss about where I used to live

I’ve just moved from a modest sized unit to a modest sized house. Things are very different and these are some of the things I won’t miss: (more…)

Some People

You think that you’ve met someone you like. They seem nice, they’re attractive in various ways and then you get to know them. This is when things always get interesting.

You start to notice the annoying way they laugh. Their tendency to not concerntrate on the road when you’re in the car with them.

And before you realise it all you can think about is “How do I get out of this?”

I say let’s all just save ourselves the time by not bothering and going and finding something else we enjoy doing.


Well, they say you can’t escape your past and I would have to agree. Recent events have shown me that even if I have managed to overcome and move on from the events in my past, they may not have necessarily done the same. (more…)


So… men and women, huh? Who’s stupid idea was that? I don’t believe in God so I guess that’s just the way things have turned out. By coincidence. Cripes! To quote one of my favourite movie characters, “Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.” (more…)

e-Dating /groan

Why do these women insist on referring to themselves in such unrealistic terms? How do they think up these names for themselves? Do they really think that men will find this self loving trait attractive? I can’t believe just how incredibly wide of the mark some of them are. I can’t help but feel they are in some way trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. I can only hope it’s working for them. It’s of no use to me. I would certainly never refer to myself in this way which, ironically, is probably what they want… signed “Strong-Man”. (more…)


Who can say why I’m here spewing my insides onto the world… Do I really need that public an outlet? Probably not.