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Finally, a Home

So, after 3 years of floating around various sites on the ‘net, my blog(s) have finally arrived at their intended home, seanys.com. I bought the domain a couple of weeks ago but I’ve only just got around to tranferring my blog across from it’s previous ‘temporary’ home at seanys.kicks-ass.net.

Thankyou’s go to WordPress, MySQL and phpMyAdmin for making the moving process relatively easy.

Overcoming SQL Server Express Security

Despite the name this is not a hacking article.

In it’s default install SSE2005 only allows local connections. Getting it to talk to other systems is a bit of a pain.

Here are some hints.

SQL Owned

Permissions in M$ SQL Server can be a pain in the ass.

Your application needs access to the database but handing out the ‘sa’ user password is generally a bad idea. For most people this doesn’t seem to be a problem. Most example code I’ve seen uses the ‘sa’ user account. Ouch! (more…)

Yet Another DW Fail-To-Start

As per usual DreamWeaver proves itself to be a buggy PoS.

Corrupted site cache suspected? Try the de ri·gueur fix.

Nuke ‘Em!

Fixed my first bug last Thursday. Didn’t write about it then because I couldn’t be buggered (no pun intended).

Seems DNN3’s skin and container preview thumbnails weren’t displaying in its admin interface. Unbelievably the <img src= URL had back slashes in it. On my W2K -> W2K3 server URLScan was blocking this. (more…)


After an evening and a morning wrestling with a DotNetNuke installation it finally started working. (more…)


Well, I’ve finally done something that turned out to be worthwhile.

I’ve spent the best part of the last two weeks installing Fedora Core 4 on one of my DEV machines and although it has been hugely beneficial for me learning Linux/MySQL/PHPMyAdmin/Webmin/etc it hasn’t been overly productive, work-wise. (more…)

MySQL’ed Out

So eventually I end up screwing around with things long enough to screw them up. Today I managed to munge the root account on a MySQL installation and wasn’t able to log back in to fix it. It took me some time to figure my way this mess. There’s no easy to use guide (that I can find) so here’s one. (more…)