Palm’ed off

So. I turns out that the more stuff you have, the more complicated your life becomes. I wish someone had had the decency to tell me this before I became a computer nerd. Before my obsession for gadgetry had become an obsessive compulsion.

The latest scourge of my hi-tech life is this device. I love the pictures on that page. Everyone looks so happy and fulfilled, having such a device in their lives.

Noone looks frustrated or decimated at having just lost all their data… for the forth time. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. Perhaps I’m really not cut out for this sort of thing I think to myself.

Perhaps we’ve all been duped.

Technology is becoming more ‘sophisticated’ (read: complicated) but humans are still only a few hundred thousand years away from learning to walk upright. This exponential leap of complexity of the devices we build and use is taking it’s toll on our still-coping-with-walking-upright intellect. And it’s starting to show.
Now not only are these devices less reliable but they’re getting harder to use. As it turns out the I’ve-had-enough… time-to-erase-your-data behaviour of my latest favoured device is in fact just how-it-works. I just hadn’t yet learnt that.
Now I have. Here’s to me keeping my data.

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