WoW, that didn’t last long

It’s been only 4 short months and already I’m back playing World of Warcraft. This time, though, I’m going to try to do something about the aspects of playing WoW that suck all the enjoyment out of it.


Let’s face it. I don’t like Player-vs-Player. I’m a pussy, a pacifist, entirely non-confrontational. Actually, I just wanna grind in peace. Being suddenly interrupted whilst happily grinding is not pleasant. Having to instantly switch from let’s-keep-everything-nice-and-calm to holy-shit-I’m-being-killed-DO-SOMETHING!! is a pain in the arse. I can do without it.

The solution? Transfer to a ‘Normal’ server. Consensual PVP only. Yum.


To get things done in WoW, you need to group. That means you need people to group with and whilst I’m hardly the type to be labelled ‘gregarious’ I do like to actually be able to group when I need to. Being on a nonspecific yank server means that there really aren’t that many people in my time zone on when I’m on. No grouping, no progression. Not fun.

The solution? Transfer to an ‘Oceanic’ server.

I’m thinking Khaz’Goroth. I already know a couple of locals on there and as the server is labelled ‘Oceanic’ there should be a few more players on when I’m on.

I’m looking forward to it.

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