I’ve lost my Twittin’ mind

You may notice some fairly erratic behaviour from my Twitter sidebar at the moment. It’s because I’m in the process of developing my Twitter Widget further.

I’m trying to add the 2 missing Twitter badges to it. This’ll mean some reworking of the configuration GUI and I fear it may be beyond the ability of the widget interface to handle. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle this but I may dip my foot into writing a fully-fledged plugin. We shall see.

One thing I am enjoying is WordPress’s ability to edit plugins right in its own admin interface. I could just as easily do this in my CPanel file manager but WordPress offers the added safety of immediately disabling a misbehaving plugin in the likely event of my real programming ability surfacing (and me screwing it up badly).

2 thoughts on “I’ve lost my Twittin’ mind

  1. Thank you for the Twitter Widget it gets the job done very well. Do you think you can an update where if you post a URL on twitter it auto links it on the widget? Thanks again.

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