SPORE™ Creature Creator isn’t available in Australia (but Aussies can buy it)

I’ve been having fun with the trial of SPORE™ Creature Creator over the last few days and decided to pay for the full version. However, when I tried to buy it, I found I couldn’t buy it from the Australian EA site.

I then found it available on both the US and European sites but Australia isn’t in the list of countries in either shop’s checkout. I’d hate to have gone through the purchase only to find that the download didn’t work or the serial number was invalid so didn’t go through with the purchase on either site.

Some Aussies went ahead and bought it anyway, entering another country in the checkout process. I’m guessing they’ll miss out on the discount that Creature Creator purchasers will get when they buy the full version of SPORE™.

Finally, I found the full version of SPORE™ Creature Creator in the New Zealand EA store.

Why it’s available on the NZ store and not the Aussie store has got me buggered. Surely our 21 million population warrants a properly stocked web store more so than NZ’s measley 4.2 million. Perhaps the Aussie EA web boffins are just not up to maintaining a shop front.

One thought on “SPORE™ Creature Creator isn’t available in Australia (but Aussies can buy it)

  1. Well, you still can’t buy this on the Australian EA site but you can get it free in selected newspapers.

    “The full Spore Creature Creator will be available at your newsagent with your daily paper! Available exclusively with the Herald Sun (VIC) and The Saturday Daily Telegraph (NSW) on Saturday 2nd August 2008, and with The Courier-Mail (QLD) on Saturday 30th August 2008. See your local paper for more details.”

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