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Word 2007, where’s the Organizer?

I occasionally develop macros in Word and having recently switched to Office 2007 (and a new computer) I initially found myself unable to move macros across from my old machine. Here’s how. (more…)

Logitech Harmony 785 – the pain continues

Foolishly, after recently buying a HD PVR, I decided that I would add the device to my Logitech Harmony 785 Universal Remote. This is a continuance of my earlier adventures with this remote.

Here is a record of my experience attempting to accomplish this seemingly simple task. (more…)

iTunes Store fails

There are now additional (legal) apps for my iPod Touch (in the form of the January Software Upgrade). I want them.

Too bad the iTunes store is intent on not letting me have them. (more…)

Vista Home Premium – the early days

I’ve taken the dive and installed Vista. There’s been a couple of unpleasant surprises but things have mostly gone smoothly. (more…)

iPod update using iTunes sucks

So iTunes tells me there’s an update for my iPod Touch (1.1.1). I click the ‘Update’ button and the 150Mb (!!) download begins. I disconnect the iPod and come back (much) later when the download has finished. I reconnect the iPod but can’t find any option to install the download. (more…)