Hottest day of the year (part 2)

Whatever blew up in the flats next door on Friday wasn’t able to be properly repaired and died again early on Sunday morning.

This resulted in the circuit breakers on the power pole tripping which they do with a (very) loud *BANG*. It was loud enough that it woke me so suddenly I almost jumped out of bed. For a moment I thought it was an explosion but then I realised that everything was *very* quiet and that the power was out yet again.

The repair crew eventually arrived and attempted to restore whatever had died but when they turned the power back on later that afternoon it had the same result. Another explosion loud *BANG* as the circuit breakers kicked again.

They gave up and unloaded a HUGE generator (there are about 80 flats in the complex next door) and started it up. Now the entire neighborhood is gently humming. Not exactly conducive for getting to sleep before my first day back at work after hols. At least I’d gotten up early that day :-/

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