Hide “related” articles on Facebook

Facebook has (not that) recently added the “related” articles feature which displays extra links beneath a News Feed story when you click a link in that story.

I can’t stand it as it changes the length of the page and makes me lose where I was in the page.

Disable this behaviour with Adblock by adding these filters:

Add the filter in the "manually edit filters" textbox.
Add the filter in the “manually edit filters” textbox.

2 thoughts on “Hide “related” articles on Facebook

  1. Brilliant, if this works. I hate the “related articles” feature with a passion. I hate being served up slop that I didn’t order. Facebook is going to lose on this one, big time, as it descends into oblivion. At least off an option to turn this crap off!

  2. It works but is a bit heavy handed as it nukes a few other functions on most pages. Notably, some other drop-down menus stop working. I will refine the rules at some pont and update this post accordingly.

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