5 things I won’t miss about where I used to live

I’ve just moved from a modest sized unit to a modest sized house. Things are very different and these are some of the things I won’t miss:

1. The lack of space. For a hoarder like me the unit (eventually) felt TINY!

2. Hearing my neighbors… turn on a tap / sing / swear / close their front door / having sex / making a cup of coffee. Yep, I can tell from that particular series of clunks and bumps and where it’s coming from that they’re… making a cup of coffee.

3. The driveway. The units where I lived had a long driveway that goes the length of the block with units down each side. Some residents saw this as a challenge for the highest gear they could get to before the end and/or shortest elapsed time from end to end. Others just saw it as their personal carpark. Noone else lives here, right?

4. The inaccessible back yard. No side access. Only way to it was through the laundry. It almost never got used.

5. That southbound Hutton St off-ramp lane change. At the end of a hard day at work this particular manuever could shake the will to live right out of you. Or scare the be-geezus outa ya.

One thought on “5 things I won’t miss about where I used to live

  1. You’re house will seem so quiet compared to the noise from the units Seany 🙂 Tranquillity at last my friend! Cheers Tarn x

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