Dear postie…

Thankyou for waiting for the one day when you know it’s going to rain to leave my mail sticking out of my letterbox.

Don’t worry about the magazine you delivered getting wet, it’s covered in plastic and will stay dry. Well, mostly. The way you let it sticking out conveniently funneled all the rain into the bottom of the letterbox soaking all the other letters you put in first and the part of the magazine that was resting on the bottom of the letterbox. I guess you put it just far enough in after all.

Don’t worry that It took me about 3 weeks of looking before I found a letterbox that was large enough to comfortably fit an A4 magazine and deep enough to take a week’s worth of junk mail but still allow you to easily put my mail in it.

Just ignore the consideration I’ve tried to show you and show me none.

PS. This is what I get for whinging about something.

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