Magicka doesn’t save

So I shelled out my hard earned and bought Magicka on Steam. It looked like a fun casual game.

I played for 21 minutes and reached the 1st checkpoint and thought it would be safe to quit.


Apparently, according to many forum posts, the game only saves at the end of each “chapter”. Seems this isn’t a casual game at all. It’s the equivalent of an old-school hardcore platformer. I’m too old for that kind of shit.


At least I only wasted 3 bucks.

One thought on “Magicka doesn’t save

  1. Hey. I was actually browsing Google with the query “Magicka is too hard” and came across this short article of yours. Gotta say, I agree with you. I love the way the game plays, but the fact that the save states are few and far between, not to mention that the game is unnecessarily difficult in regards to all the shit they throw at you simultaneously… I just can’t bring myself to boot it back up. I’m good at video games, but I’m not that patient to overlook these big flaws.

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