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Top 5 “new” SingStar annoyances

The updated version of SingStar has some real backward steps in it. Here’s the ones I dislike the most:

  1. Having to re-enter your name in the High Score table after every song. Ugh.
  2. Having to remember to disable that 2nd player mic everytime you pick that first song of the session. I never remember and always have to restart.
  3. Not being able to navigate in the reverse direction in the song list, i.e. Z=>A. It doesn’t wrap around.
  4. Lack of navigation and volume controls in post-song media Gallery.
  5. 3 millions point. WTF?

Magicka doesn’t save

So I shelled out my hard earned and bought Magicka on Steam. It looked like a fun casual game.

I played for 21 minutes and reached the 1st checkpoint and thought it would be safe to quit.


Apparently, according to many forum posts, the game only saves at the end of each “chapter”. Seems this isn’t a casual game at all. It’s the equivalent of an old-school hardcore platformer. I’m too old for that kind of shit.


At least I only wasted 3 bucks.

Alas, the neGcon (an open letter to Kazunori Yamauchi)

A PS3 is (hopefully) going to be gracing my lounge room soon. If that arrival coincides with the release of Gran Turismo™5 Prologue then there might be a HD TV too. But still this wonderful day will be tinged with a touch of disappointment. “Why?” you ask? Because despite having one of the best racing games ever made I won’t be able to use the best game steering controller ever made with it. Continue reading Alas, the neGcon (an open letter to Kazunori Yamauchi)