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Well, I’ve finally done something that turned out to be worthwhile.

I’ve spent the best part of the last two weeks installing Fedora Core 4 on one of my DEV machines and although it has been hugely beneficial for me learning Linux/MySQL/PHPMyAdmin/Webmin/etc it hasn’t been overly productive, work-wise.

Until today. OK, it was only a minor victory but getting a file from a Mac Zip disk to our M$ file server seemed, at first, to be an impossible task. Then I remember the file upload/download feature of Webmin and it was done.

Our current desktop SOE has no Zip disk so no joy there. I have an old parallel port Zip drive but my G4 iMac doesn’t have a parallel port. I also have heaps of external SCSI Zip drives lying around but no machines with external SCSI connectors, PC or Mac. Ahah! I have an old G3 tower and although it has no SMB client to speak of (Dave costs money!) it does have a Zip drive (and no floppy drive). Pop the Mac formatted Zip disk into the G3. Open a web browser. Go to my Webmin site. Upload file. Back to the PC and copy aforementioned file across onto the shared area of our M$ file server.



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