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iTunes Store fails

There are now additional (legal) apps for my iPod Touch (in the form of the January Software Upgrade). I want them.

Too bad the iTunes store is intent on not letting me have them. (more…)

WoW, that didn’t last long

It’s been only 4 short months and already I’m back playing World of Warcraft. This time, though, I’m going to try to do something about the aspects of playing WoW that suck all the enjoyment out of it. (more…)

Vista UAC weariness (and how to control the beast)

My Vista adventure has been going for a few days now and I’m very tired of the User Access Control (UAC) prompt. Whilst I do appreciate the added security afforded by this ‘feature’ I’m finding it difficult to live with. (more…)

Vista Home Premium – the early days

I’ve taken the dive and installed Vista. There’s been a couple of unpleasant surprises but things have mostly gone smoothly. (more…)

WordPress Twitter widget

I’ve been wanting to dip my foot into WordPress widgets for while so when I noticed Twitter didn’t have a WordPress widget I decided to write one. Of course, I’m not the first. (more…)

iPod update using iTunes sucks

So iTunes tells me there’s an update for my iPod Touch (1.1.1). I click the ‘Update’ button and the 150Mb (!!) download begins. I disconnect the iPod and come back (much) later when the download has finished. I reconnect the iPod but can’t find any option to install the download. (more…)

Using the Flash ‘Nested Ojects’ method in ASP pages

Occasionally I want to use Flash on a web page. Tragic, but true. I’ve been looking for an accessible, valid method for doing this. There are few candidates. I settled on the ‘Nested Objects’ method. It seemed quick, painless and didn’t require javascript. But there was a hitch…

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0139' 
Nested Object 
An object tag cannot be placed inside another object tag.  

IIS’s ASP interpreter wouldn’t pass the page with nested <object> tags. (more…)

Alas, the neGcon (an open letter to Kazunori Yamauchi)

A PS3 is (hopefully) going to be gracing my lounge room soon. If that arrival coincides with the release of Gran Turismo™5 Prologue then there might be a HD TV too. But still this wonderful day will be tinged with a touch of disappointment. “Why?” you ask? Because despite having one of the best racing games ever made I won’t be able to use the best game steering controller ever made with it. (more…)

WoW, it’s over

It’s official. I’ve cancelled my World of Warcraft subscription. I’ve reached 70 but couldn’t really be bothered to find a guild (and all the politics that goes with that) so all that’s left is the grind and I’m just not interested in doing that.

It’s simply not fun anymore. (more…)

Logitech Harmony 785 Universal Remote review

Having become tired of the gaggle of remotes on my coffee table I’ve ventured once again into the one-remote-to-rule-them-all world of universal remote control. My prior purchase was a $20 cheapie that relied on the input of ‘device codes’ to identify your hardware. The Harmony line of remotes are a whole different kettle of fish.

The ‘secret weapon’ of the Harmony is that it’s ‘programmed’ using a PC. It’s a USB device. The interface used to configure the remote is even more sophisticated (and problematic) but I’ll get to that later. (more…)